These bottles are amazing to fill with warm melted chocolate to create the perfect drizzle! It is ideal to order a few if working with multiple colors/types of chocolate. When you have more than two you can work faster versus washing and drying each bottle in between chocolate drizzle changes. Be sure each bottle is completely dry before pouring melted chocolate into them as water will seize chocolate! Give each bottle, with lid on, some good shakes facing downward so all air escapes-- before drizzling onto your item, get a good flow going on your was paper or other surface. Best when washed in warm, soapy water. WATCH YOUR COUPLERS AND NOZZLES-- they easily get stuck down the garbage disposal without notice until you turn it on! Remember, chocolate sets quickly so do not fill your drizzle bottle until you are ready to work quickly. The more you stop drizzling- the quicker the chocolate will set in the tip and harden. It is best to just keep the flow of the chocolate going. If your tip forms hardened chocolate- switch to a new nozzle. If chocolate starts to harden in bottle- pop in microwave a few seconds with cap off, than stir. Repeat those steps until the chocolate is smooth-- clumpy chocolate or unmelted chocolate chip pieces will clog the nozzle!	Excellent tool for "squeezing" candy into details of molds	Small-holed plastic tip and special coupler is included with each bottle	Can be used with any standard-size tips

Celebakes Squeezeit 2oz. Mold Painter- 2 Pack