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  • 4 gram Jar

    Jewel Dust® is a glittery, food grade, decorative dust that can be applied to just about any of your favorite treats and creations!

    You'll be amazed by it's sparkle and shine.

    Simply apply dry with a brush (Jewel Dust cannot be mixed with Vodka/Lemon Juice like luster- it will seize up).

    You can add Jewel Dust into Dust Pumps, do not add liquid into pump. (Dust Pumps are found in our Sweet Tools Menu Tab)

    Add a pinch to Champagne, Seltzers, Sparkling Drinks & stir for a mesmerizing potion look! Dust will settle but a simple swirl of your straw will create the look again & again!

    Jewel Dust can also be added to Hot Chocolate Bombs to color milk- best color achieved when using White Chocolate & White Hot Chocolate.

    For full-coverage. Place a coffee filter under your dipping items. Pour Jewel Dust over item while your chocolate is still wet. Dump excess Dust back into your Jar.


    Dairy and Soy Free. GF, Kosher, Vegan and Vegetarian

    Gold Jewel Dust- Sparkly EDIBLE Glitter, 4gr.


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