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Sweet Sticks CLEAR GRIP FLAT #2 PAINT BRUSH feels secure in your hand and is stable for free style drawing with edible paints like Poppy Paints.

Flat brushes have a square end with medium to long bristles. They are great for wide strokes where you want a lot of paint coverage. If you are working on a surface where a wash brush might be too large, the flat brush gives you excellent coverage while also providing you a little more control over the wash brush.

Flat brushes can also be used for thick to thin lines, however for many people the angled type will likely provide a little more comfort and control when working on a upright cake.

Super soft synthetic bristles

Perfect Coverage

Precision for your cakes, cookies and desserts

Wash brushes after use to maintain quality and shape

Pat-dry brush well after cleaning before dipping brush back in paint

Sweet Sticks Clear FLAT #2 Grip Brush


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