EDIBLE White Jewel Dust, 4gr.

EDIBLE White Jewel Dust, 4gr.


4 gram Jar

Jewel Dust® is a glittery, food grade, decorative dust that can be applied to just about any of your favorite treats and creations!

You'll be amazed by it's sparkle and shine.

Simply apply dry with a brush (Jewel Dust cannot be mixed with Vodka/Lemon Juice like luster- it will seize up).

You can add Jewel Dust into Dust Pumps, do not add liquid into pump. (Dust Pumps are found in our Sweet Tools Menu Tab)

Add a pinch to Champagne, Seltzers, Sparkling Drinks & stir for a mesmerizing potion look! Dust will settle but a simple swirl of your straw will create the look again & again!

Jewel Dust can also be added to Hot Chocolate Bombs to color milk- best color achieved when using White Chocolate & White Hot Chocolate. 

For full-coverage. Place a coffee filter under your dipping items. Pour Jewel Dust over item while your chocolate is still wet. Dump excess Dust back into your Jar. 

Note: Jewel Dust® is tasteless, orderless and does not dissolve in water. 


 Dairy and Soy Free. GF, Kosher, Vegan and Vegetarian

  • Disclaimer

    This item is White Jewel Dust, but just as the stock photo shows- it has a light silver appearance.