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  • Super Shine is our high concentration glaze. Paint it on top of your finished confections to add a beautiful shine. It can also be used on top of Poppy Paint to give a gloss finish!

    Note: Super Shine cannot be used directly on royal icing. Royal icing is too porous and will absorb the Super Shine. You can, however, use Super Shine on top of Poppy Paint which has been painted on royal icing.

    Poppy Paint SUPER SHINE Edible Paint, 30ml.

    • Poppy Paint can be used on any dry, solid confectionery surface. It will not adhere to a wet surface, and should not be used on porous surfaces as the alcohol will absorb into the confection.

      Here are some of the many examples of confections we have painted:
      -Candy Melts
      -Royal Icing
      -Glaze Icing
      -Wafer Paper
      -Modeling Chocolate
      -Crusting Buttercream

      Poppy Paint should not be used on:
      -Whipped Cream
      -Any wet or highly porous surface