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  • Poppy Paint Poppy Thinner is our low concentration glaze, used to thin out other Poppy Paints. Add a little Poppy Thinner to your Poppy Paint when wanted to paint very small details. Add a lot when you want to brush on a water color effect!

    Poppy Thinner can also be used to erase small blemishes if you happen to make a mistake when painting – simply wet your brush in the thinner, and use it to wipe the mistake away.

    Poppy Paint THINNER Edible Paint, MUST HAVE/ESSENTIAL 30ml.

    • Poppy Paint can be used on any dry, solid confectionery surface. It will not adhere to a wet surface, and should not be used on porous surfaces as the alcohol will absorb into the confection.

      Here are some of the many examples of confections we have painted:
      -Candy Melts
      -Royal Icing
      -Glaze Icing
      -Wafer Paper
      -Modeling Chocolate
      -Crusting Buttercream

      Poppy Paint should not be used on:
      -Whipped Cream
      -Any wet or highly porous surface