celebakes Small Dust Pump for lusters, techno glitters, glitters and more

Celebakes Small, Empty Dust Pump

*Dust Pumps are sold empty. Lusters/Glitters/Techno Glitters sold separately.*
Add a touch of color or glitter to your sweet treats with the Celebakes small dust pump! Simply add Edible Luster, Techno Glitter, Edible Fine Glitter, Jewel Dust or Petal Dust into the body of the pump. Only add in the dry glitters/dusts. Do not add liquid to the pump.  Press to evenly distribute colored dust or glitter to your treat. 

	1 inch diameter x 3½ inch height.
	Food Grade Plastic.

Use with Luster Dust, Pearl Dust, Petal Dust, Techno Glitter, Fine Glitter Dust and Jewel Dust.

Hold the pump up close for concentrated coverage, or farther away for lighter coverage.
Will hold 6 grams.
Store in dry place with cap on.
Clean with compressed air.