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  • Sweet Sticks Fan Brush is perfect for splattering treats with gold luster or fan brush strokes!

    Sweet Sticks #4 Fan Brush is a unique and specialised type of paintbrush characterised by its flat, spread-out bristles arranged in the shape of a fan. This distinctive design gives the brush its name and serves specific purposes in various applications. For the cake decorating industry it is used a lot to help brush on/off corn flour for two toned cookies. It is also used often for creating multiple strokes on a design at the one time.

    🩷Super soft synthetic bristles

    🩷Designed for brushing on/off corn flour for two toning

    🩷Brushes come in 3 colours and selected at random

    🩷Wash brushes straight after use to maintain quality and shape

    🩷Pat-dry brush well after cleaning before dipping brush back in paint

    Sweet Sticks Fan Brush #4, Gold Splatter Brush


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