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  • The Halo Sprinkles sprinkle picker pen is finally here!

    This is a must have for you to individually place sprinkles on your cakes & bakes. The sprinkle picker pen allows for smooth clamping and placement of tiny sprinkles or sprinkle shapes. Professional, stylish and perfect for any project.

    This 4 claws pickup tool is made of high-quality stainless steel, very good quality, waterproof, and super strong with long term use.

    Not suitable for dishwasher. Wipe with a wet wipe and leave to dry.

    Sprinkle Pen by HALO SPRINKLES

    • Release the plunger, pick up your desired sprinkle and apply to cakes, cupcakes cookies, cakesicles and so much more.

      Note: apply edible glue to the area. Apply sprinkle and allow the glue to dry for the sprinkle to stick.

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